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A Year in Photos Review

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Another year goes by, the time comes to recount the things we’ve accomplished. A successful year marks a time where we let our imaginations take us where we’ve not been before. We can fight of monsters if we stand together.  This year, we started on our path towards having a better body and health, discovering […]

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Parent Appreciation

It’s not easy to fully give credit where it’s due. And sometimes, it really is easier to understand once I’m older. Parents have to be open enough to realize their kids don’t have the capacity in their emotions to understand what they have done. Kids have to be open minded enough to empathize with their […]

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The More I Know…

It’s true, what they say. You don’t truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Despite having travelled across the oceans, I have never fully explored my own back yard. Time to go back and walk the path I’ve never walked.  I’ve always wanted to leave the small towns. I grew up in a small […]

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